What causes skin dryness and dehydration?

Hot and cold weather, dry air, unbalanced skin ph and skin not replenished enough can cause the skin to be itchy, flaky and dull.


How do we treat the condition?

We recommend our Sonophoresis Treatment        

A high frequency vibration that steam cleans the skin and removes the build-up of oily lipids. Then we infuse antioxidants into the skin penetrating to transdermal level. The skin feels and looks hydrated, bright and rejuvenated.

Quick, highly effective and with no ‘down time’, UltraSonophoresis is a treatment that is revolutionising conventional facial treatments.

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Ultraceuticals sonoPhoresis facial treatment


Combo facial Sonophoresis + Microdermabrasion + lactic peel


combo decolletage Sonophoresis + Microdermabrasion + lactic peel


face & decolletage Sonophoresis + Microdermabrasion + lactic peel