massage therapy & pain relief

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Experience one our most popular pick me ups! Our trained hands massage away tired tense muscles, spasms release, knots unravel, and nerves unwind the mind is calmed and recovery begin 30 mins


aromatherapy and cosmetics

Beginning with a consultation, we will tailor your unique aromatherapy blend of oils, before you enjoy an hour aromatherapy body massage using your special blend. 75 mins


Professional leg massage

Relax and unwind as we massage away tired tense muscles. 45 min


Relax Massage

A deep relaxation massage for the whole body, deep tissue or Swedish massage is available. 60 min


Foot Reflexology Massage

A foot massage using pressure points that stimulates the different organs of your body, very relaxing and beneficial to your general health. 30 mins



An ancient healing art recently rediscovered. A thermotherapy treatment using deep penetrating heat from smooth basalt rocks, it transfers heat to aching muscles. You will be left in a deep, relaxed state without feeling tired and sore the next day. 60/90 min



For Arthritis, Chronic Pain or Soft Tissue Injury

Litecure laser therapy

Deep tissue laser therapy offers advanced pain relief and expedited healing time, with a feeling of deep soothing warmth. Ideal for musculoskeletal or arthritic pain, bursitis, soft tissue injury and many more conditions, let our therapists tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.  20/30/60 min