hot stone therapy and massage


Allow our experienced therapists to reduce tension, allowing relaxation to soothe and balance your soul, the power of touch with expert hands, light or firm pressure. Offering a vast range of modalities to provide you with a personalized treatment.

Back massage
Experience one our most popular pick me ups! Our trained hands massage away tired tense muscles, spasms release, knots unravel, and nerves unwind the mind is calmed and recovery begins.
30 mins $52
Aromatherapy body massage
Beginning with a consultation, we will tailor your unique aromatherapy blend of oils, before you enjoy an hour aromatherapy body massage using your special blend.
1 hour + 15 mins $110
Back and Legs
Relax and unwind as we massage away tired tense muscles.
45 mins $72
Full body massage
A deep relaxation massage for the whole body, deep tissue or Swedish massage is available.
1 hour $92
A foot massage using pressure points that stimulates the different organs of your body, very relaxing and beneficial to your general health.
30 mins $65

Laser deep tissue therapy...

Those with more chronic pain or soft tissue injury may prefer to try the LiteCure LCT-1000 deep tissue laser therapy. This non-invasive treatment delivers a deep, gentle warmth to the tissues while damaged cells are energised by the light, increasing circulation and reducing pain and inflammation.  More information about LiteCure laser therapy...


  • 20min  $50           30min  $70              60min  $100

Hot stone therapy...

Hot stone therapy is an ancient healing art recently rediscovered. It is a type of thermotherapy, using deep penetrating heat from smooth basalt rocks. It transfers heat to aching muscles. These stones hold their heat for a long time then release it. This treatment is applied with massage strokes, while the stone is held in the hand of the highly trained therapist. It leaves you in a deep, relaxed state, without feeling tired and sore the next day. Some say it is like having three massages in one.

Hot stone massage

Let go, pure relaxation... find yourself. For mind, body and soul, muscle relief. An ancient form of healing which includes the use of hot basalt rocks. The stones are placed on the body and tap into it's energy system to create a sense of balance and promote healing. Aches, pains, tension, stress and worries are eased away. Nature’s ability to deeply heal.

  • 1 hour — $115
  • 1 hour + 30 mins — $150
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