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Skin fitness facial — Our skin fitness facial is a classic treatment that is customised to your individual requirements. This includes skin analysis, cleanse, steam exfoliation, extractions and mask. Finishing with a moisturiser and sunscreen. Leaving your skin glowing fresh and fit.
45 mins, $80
Signature facial — This is our advanced facial treatment, combining a luxurious massage of the face, shoulders and décolletage. While your mask is on we can do a scalp massage.
1 hour, $105
Signature facial with a collagen eye treatment — This is our advanced facial treatment combined with a collagen eye treatment — delivering instant visable results. This helps to remove dark circles and puffiness; or to hydrate fine lines and plump the tissue with fantastic results.
1 hour, 15 mins $140

Advanced facial treatments...

Sonopheresis — A high frequency vibration that steam cleans the skin and removes the build up of oily lipids. Then we infuse antioxidants into the skin penetrating to transdermal level. The skin feels and looks fresh, bright and rejuvenated. For that special occasion.
45 mins, $90
Lactic peels — 30% and 50%. Leaves your skin lighter, hydrated and refreshed. These alpha hydroxy acid procedures are excellent for resurfacing skin and holding in hydration. It can be combined with microdermabrasion.

30 mins, $75

3 for $210

A-zyme Peel - combines the fast-acting Retinol and enzyme Bromelain to refresh, refine, hydrate and plump the skin.

30 mins,$180

Mandelic Peel - using the AHA extracted from bitter almond, this peel is fantastic for problematic or pigmented skin, while also boasting anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

30 mins,$100

3 for $275

Ultra Brightening Accelerator Mask - for the treatment of all hyperpigmentation disorders and skin in need of general brightening. Contains a powerful blend of 8 skin brightening agents including Artocarpus Extract.


3 for $360

Collagen Induction Therapy using Ultra Medical Skin Needling — Ultra Skin Needling is a revolutionary treatment using fine needles to stimulate tissue regeneration, including elastin and collagen.

AHA Rejuvenate Peel - this gel based treatment contains a natural blend of alpha hydroxy acid and enzymes from fruit and other botanical sources to help smooth and resurface the top skin layers.

30 min $90

Eye treatments...

Collagen eye treatment — A freeze dried marine based treatment to reinforce the delicate eye tissue leaving it firm, refined and hydrated.
15 mins, $50
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